Welcome to the Freakshow!

rockin´ movie award 2012!


On October 09, 2012 bronko kudlickas video "welcome to the freakshow" has been awarded ("shortlist") at the rocking´movies awards 2012.


Enjoy the video heeeeeeeere:

If the link isn´t working klick here!

Bronko´s back, dressed in black (with red cheeks).


Hi there, my name is Bronko Kudlicka and you may wonder because you haven´t seen me on stage for quite a while. Well, that´s true but now I´m back from good old sweet sweeeeeeeeeden and I brought my brand new record with me! It´s called „dressed in black with red cheeks“ and is released by  „knut knutsen rekordning“. YIHAAAA!


Cheers and greetz



Bronko Kudlicka