What´s new pussycat?

A I R P L A Y ! ! !

Oh lord, the very first airplay of a bronko kudlicka song will happen in a few minutes at the austrian alternative radiostation fm4 (October 17, 2012). So turn up your stereo to the maxxxxx and listen to mr. springenschmid and mr. riebenbauer at their "the basementshow"!

rockin´ movie award 2012!


On October 09, 2012 bronko kudlickas video "welcome to the freakshow" has been awarded ("shortlist") at the rocking´movies awards 2012.

Video Review!

Read the brand new review to Bronko Kudlickas video "Welcome to the freakshow" now at MolokoPlus!

Brand new video!

See the brand new video "welcome to the freakshow" here!

Fourthousand hits!

Really cool, this page has more than 4.000 hits sofar! I would have never dreamed about that impact! Very cool. A big "thank you" to all my supporters! Stay tuned, the video to "welcome to the freakshow" will be released soon.

Ox- and MolokoPlus Reviews online

Matti Bildt from OX-Fanzine gives Bronko Kudlickas - dressed in black with red cheeks 8 out of 10 points and "wants to heare some more!". Read the Ox-Review (current issue Nr. 100) online here

Sir Paulchen from MolokoPlus means: "Astreine Platte und eine unerwartet positive Überraschung!" Read the whole review here.


Read the review in the new plastic bomb fanzine: "...Lecker 60Ties Punk trifft auf entdudelfizierten und deshalb höchst gutartigen Schwedenrock aus dem letzten Jahrhunderts..."

Some more press news

Read more reviews of "dressed in black with red cheeks" in the next issues of: moloko+ and trust fanzine

Workin´on a new video

so stay tuned.... the solution will be televisted ;-)

"dressed in black with red cheeks" in stores

Get the record now also at inandout records and the very famous sunsetstar in graz!

New song online!

Listen to the song "welcome to the freakshow"! Punkrock, jiiiihaaaa!!!

Making of "dressed in black with red cheeks"

Here are some nice pictures! Have a loooooooook.

New record out on 08th december 2011

After beeing off stage for nearly forever bronko is back and the new record "dressed in black with red cheeks" will be released on 8th december 2011! You can get it at your favorite record store, or order now at bronko.kudlicka@gmx.net 

100% punkrock satisfaction guaranteed!!!


12" EP limited to 222 pieces vinyl only!!!