about knut and his knut knutsen rekordning

knut knutsen is the head of the label knut knutsen rekordning. knut became rich in the 60s when he was the first swedish businessman who imported original russian nylon pantyhoses to sweden. So all the swedish mums – and even some dads – wore knuts panties.


He and bronko met in a lousy and shabby bar in sthlm a long time ago. They became friends and when knut listened to bronkos new record dressed in black with red cheeks he decided to esablish his own label. So knut knutsen rekordning was born in summer 2011 but knut has chosen his label exclusively for productions of Bronko Kudlicka. Because of his age and popularity knut now lives in seclution somewhere in swedens „skärgarden“. He only leaves house every third thursday to play chess with björn, benny or agnetha.